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Cuvee, brut, Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling



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  • Balgownie Premium Cuvee Sparkling Brut
    This is a lovely light and very easy to drink sparkling white wine with delicate flavours of pear, guava, honey and a touch of toast and bread character. A perfect wine as an aperitif before a meal or at any time.     ..
    Ex Tax: $17.80 $22.90
  • Beelgara Estate Range  NV Brut Cuvée
    An outstanding example of the classic Australian sparkling style, this wine can be enjoyed at any occasion with its delightful fruit flavours and yeasty complexity. Drink when chilled.   ..
    Ex Tax: $8.16 $10.49
  • Charles Pelletier Burgundy Brut NV
    Located in the celebrated Burgundy region of France, Charles Pelletier is focused on heritage, tradition, integrity, passion and vision. Modern day masters, Pelletier's wines are truly a reflection of their 200 year old history, expertise and passion for the art of winemaking. Fresh apples and ar..
    Ex Tax: $13.64 $16.50
  • Growers Gate Brut Cuvée
    This sparkling wine exhibits delightfully lifted fruity aromatics. Driven by early-picked Chardonnay, the palate is rich and full of flavour.  Refined with a fine bead and balanced with good acid, this wine possesses a clean dry finish that lingers.  Perfect for any celebration….. or with ..
    Ex Tax: $8.18 $11.50
  • Henry's Drive Postmistress Blanc de Blanc
    A woman of unimpeachable rectitude, the Postmistress is trusted to preserve the town’s mail affairs. Her nimble fingers sort carefully wrapped parcels, letters from distant places and a single postcard, written in a familiar hand. Whilst eager young men queue daily for her attention, for the Postmis..
    Ex Tax: $15.15 $19.50
  • Johnny Q Sparkling Brut
    Colour: Mid straw green with a fine gas bead and persistent mousse Bouquet: The refreshing lemon citrus aromas of Semillon are in harmony with the complexity of the yeast aromas. Palate: A very refreshing, easy drinking sparkling style wine, with generous citrus fruit flavours enhanced with creamy..
    Ex Tax: $10.27 $12.90
  • McPherson Family Series Chardonnay Pinot Noir
    WINE DESCRIPTION A fresh and delicate nose with light fruits and yeasty tones, complimented by a hint of fresh berries and cream. The Chardonnay offers both complexity and fruit on the palate, whilst the Pinot Noir brings an elegance and sophistication to complete the overall package. A lovely, fre..
    Ex Tax: $9.50 $12.90
  • Miceli Michael Brut
    Crisp, refreshing, and dry, this is an apperitif style wine with great subtlety and length. Beautifully pale with persistent fine bead, it has lovely yeastiness, lemon, honey and toast, this wine is savoury and elegant. Recently disgorged.        ..
    Ex Tax: $25.26 $32.50
  • Terra Felix Prosecco
    Tasting Notes Refreshing, light, sparkling this fresh lemon coloured wine has lifted aromas of apples, lemon zest and tropical fruits. It has an exuberance and easy drinkability that sets it apart. Enjoy on its own as an aperitif or as a refreshing cocktail with Aperol. Wine Maker's Notes T..
    Ex Tax: $16.71 $21.50